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Congratulations for a great tutorial.

There is a difference in Xtext 2.4: the doGenerate method now generates a commented example, rather than //TODO implement me :

class PEnumGenerator implements IGenerator {
override void doGenerate(Resource resource, IFileSystemAccess fsa) {
//                fsa.generateFile('greetings.txt', 'People to greet: ' + 
//                        resource.allContents
//                                .filter(typeof(Greeting))
//                                .map[name]
//                                .join(', '))

Congratulations for putting this series of screencasts about Xtext.

I jumped straight on episode 17, since I am currently implementing scoping in a DSL, and I am a beginner with Xtext.

Some comments on the episode:

  • Really liked it – extremely useful
  • It would be nice to show the version of Xtext that you are using. I could see some differences between Xtext 2.4 documentation and episode 17.
  • What version of Xtext / Xtend are you using? I am using Xtext SDK 2.4.2.v201306120542 ; any possibility of upgrading the tutorials to the latest version of Xtext? For example, xtend scoping is automatically generated (raher than java). The main problem I had was with the fact that Xtext 2.4 automatically generates Xtend code; no need to create Xtend source file copied from a Java source file.
  • The documentation for Xtext version 2.4 is of limited help. Section 8.6.2 "Local scoping" does not use the def keyword nor the :: operator. Also the syntax for filtering presented in your video is very useful, and not at all obvious from the Xtext doc.
  • An extended scoping tutorial would be welcome, explaining the declarative scoping in detail.